• HELLO! Thanks for Visiting!!!!   Bobby is about to release his second full legnth album and we are raising money for promotion and videos!  We have some exciting shows coming up too! Check out our calendar for the full schedule! 

    Our music is inspired by a wide range of influences, motown, funk, folk, rock, to name a few.  Our goal is to uplift the spirit of kids, parents, grandparents, dogs, plants, and all living things with our unique brand of Family Roots Music.  We hope to bring our show to a town or gathering near you soon.  Check out our calendar, and listen to some tunes... CONTACT us for parties and events that you think Bobby should know about in your area... We'd love to come and perform for you! ... Drop us an email! we love to hear from you!


    1. Better Take Care

    2. Beautiful Day

    3. Everybody is Different

    4. Win-Win Situation

    Bobby Beetcut - Let's Dance! from jasontroost@gmail.com on Vimeo.

    Beetcut and the Magic Box CD
    USD 12.50

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